Hey! I'm Emma, a college kid with a passion for telling your stories with my camera. 


A bit about me - I'm a big fan of all things music and am constantly looking for new tunes. I love the outdoors, whether that means going for walks in the city or the mountains. On top of shooting portraits, I've had the joy of being a photographer at a summer camp, working with kids and teens of all ages, documenting their best summer ever!

If you're a person who smiles big, stops to smell the roses, and sees each a day as a new adventure, we'll be a great team. 

I can't wait to work with you!



My love for visual storytelling sparked at the age of fourteen, when I picked up a camera on a family roadtrip from our home in the suburbs of Phoenix to the heart of downtown Chicago, photographing the whole journey. After that, I was hooked. I devoted myself to turning my passion into a career. Upon graduating high school, I moved from Gilbert, Arizona to Chicago to pursue my education in Communications and Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute.

My mission in photographing everyone I do is to make you comfortable and feel like the truest version of yourself when you're in front of my camera. My hope is that you walk away from our session thinking, "wow, I just had a lot of fun." Your session will be bubbly, full of laughs, and dealing with me freaking out over how good the lighting is. My approach is all about real emotions, documenting your true self, having a blast, and creating visual reminders of your memories that will last a lifetime.